David Debono

David Debono
Kick ass social media manager by day and stereotypical millennial by night – if it can be posted, hashtagged, pinned or tweeted – it’s probably coming out of my phone.
Adulting is hard – whether it’s trying to lose those last five kilos, trying to maintain a healthy relationship with one’s parents after leaving the nest, or – worst of it all – trying to navigate apps like Tinder or Gindr.
If you’re looking to laugh, cry and relate to the perils of a newly-fleshed adult, read through my blog: The Tequila Diaies as I try to naviate the perils of dating, adulthood and life in general – all whilst softening the blow with too many shots of tequila.
Likes: Cooking, working out, dancing, binge watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, and making tequila-fuelled, poor life choices.
Dislikes: Discrimination, big-headed people, first dates, and the word “pumpernickel”.