Being Maltese .....

“The worst day lived to tomorrow will have gone away ” or something like that. How true it is tough on some subconscious level, of course we all go through horrid and awful moments in life some more than others. However when something bad happens to us as individuals tomorrow is always a bit better.

Continued from my last blog on living abroad, it’s rough not having your kin around especially when my the shit quite literally hits the fan. Of course friends are always around, but those who know you those you speak your lingo that’s who you need. Living in Australia or anywhere for that matter you realise how different us Maltese are to the rest. How we care for each other how we are involved in each others lives, how we rally around at the worst and best of times. Oh yes you can say that the neighbours are nosy, or that aunt that wants to know everything and has an answer for anything gets on your nerves, but we really are the salt of the earth.

Nothing makes my heart beat faster then when I hear someone speaking Maltese at the supermarket, or I go to a random vegetable shop and see kinnie or ravjul. There is a special something about us, everyone I meet and get to know always says the same thing… You’re so different to anyone else, and we are.
Our malteseness (if such a word exsists) never leaves us, it’s unique to our identity. So yes in times of trouble it’s hard when we’re not around our kind, you feel like no one really gets you, but you’ll be ok.

Here’s my coping mechanism, find frozen pastizzi, they don’t taste the same but never mind it’s the thought that counts. If I’m lucky enough to get it kinnie or even better pinta cisk, you tube some Freddie Portelli, and some Maltese news. Getting a nice healing dose of our little Rock in whatever shape or form is the best cure around.

Ps: don’t forget to keep up with our little ways, make that timpana, or those fogolli even if they don’t quite taste the same, do anything that reminds you of where you come from, because that’s our strength.

Reason to celebrate