Keep Smiling !

It is so easy to fall into the trap of being a bitter person.

Complaining about every inconvenience in your life, criticising everything and everyone without offering anything constructive.

I know so many people that ONLY talk about the bad that’s happened to them. The waiter who didn’t smile, the ass who cut them off in traffic, their terrible lecturer.
It gets so draining being so negative all the time. Is it really that important that you narrate all the minor irritations you went through today? Have you ever wondered if your negative commentary is really necessary? Are you gaining anything by complaining all the time?
I don’t want to be that kind of person.

That’s why I always admire people who put the force and effort into being optimistic. Anyone who can put on a smile and talk about their pets, or that great trip they just came back from, the really nice waiter who gave them coffee. They awe me. It is so hard to keep a positive attitude in the world we live in. Between political unrest, social upheaval, and economic failure, everyone is struggling to get by.
You know that one person you’re always happy to see? They glow with energy whenever you run into them, and excitedly tell you about something new and great that they saw or did that day. They make you laugh for a minute before continuing on their way. Being around them always makes me ask myself ‘’How do I become THAT?’’
I want to make sure that when people meet me, I improve their day in some small way. Leave them better than how I found them.
There are probably philosophers and psychologists who can say this in a more profound way than I can. But just stop focusing ONLY on the negativity in your life.

Yes, you need to get your problems off your chest. And it is so good for your mental health to be able to talk about your issues. But if ALL you’re talking about are your problems you risk becoming trapped in a cycle of negative thought.

When I was a kid and grown-ups used to ask me what I wanted to do with my life, I would always answer ‘’I want to help people!’’, with a big grin on my face. Little 7 year old me had a nice, solid grasp on that concept. He wanted to make people smile and feel good about themselves.
I’m going to stay true to what that little kid wanted to do. Through art, through laughter, and through writing I’m going to try make things better in the small ways I can. And so should you.

I’m going to smile, and remind people that there is still GOOD in the world. You take happiness wherever you can find it. And it’s in those little moments that the world can look a little brighter. I will always try to be that friend, someone who brings a little bit of light into the lives of others. And sometime I will fail. But I’m not going to stop trying, and I’m not going to stop smiling.

Don't be afraid to be you ..... Reason to celebrate