Profile was actually born in 1996 under a different domain name. In 1999 the domain became after it was apparent that people wanted to be able to access the website in an easier manner and thus an easier domain name.

Soon after the first week of its launch the number of hits were 9 and I knew they were not mine! After 20 years the figure now averages 80,000 daily page views! was built generally by the public who were always ready to suggest new website and categories that should feature if they were to use it as their homepage. Today, there are communities of Maltese namely in Australia and Canada who got to know about the site and use it too. But above all it remains a website that is designed to take the role of the homepage of a Maltese national. has clearly become one of the local household names when it comes to websites and over the years has gone through none less than 8 major changes. The 8th change was launched in August 2016 and with this change came new features that enhance the site tremendously. Most notable is the fact that you can now customise OkMalta with all your personal links and carry them with you on every computer you use by logging in once.

Through its current fame is now attracting local advertisers who are looking at targeting a local audience.

I hope you will enjoy the experience.

Mark Bugeja