Reason to celebrate

“What is life if full of care we have no time to stand and stare” William Henry Davis.

We take so much time and trouble to work and save money. To have a home to make a life, but do we ever really enjoy it? We save that bottle of champagne, keep the special China set to use at Christmas time or to impress at a dinner party, but for every day we use the cheaper stuff. Why don’t we ever enjoy the things we work for?
I was looking around my lounge room today and my eyes rested on a little pretty teapot I have. Which sits in it’s little box on my shelf and all i do is occasionally dust it. It got me thinking how many things do I have saved for a special occasion. So I promptly got up and put a bottle of champagne I’ve been saving for something special in the fridge, and I fully intend to drink it on my day off. That is as good a reason as any to celebrate, a long week of working hard for all the pretty things I own, only to never use them.

I guess my point is stop saving everything for that special day, everyday is a special day, and not just because you woke up and you’re breathing but because life for us is good. We might not be rich, or have that wow factor car, but look around you. In winter are you warm? In summer are you cool? Do you have enough money to enjoy a night out?

I guess my point is live your life don’t just exist, enjoy the things you work hard for, don’t save them for that special day, because you are special to those who love you to those who are thankful for you, and that in itself is a reason to celebrate

Keep Smiling ! Being Maltese .....