Why Register?

By registering an account you will be able to permanently save your settings on our server.

OkMalta.com gives you the possibility to:

  • Change the order of the homepage categories – by dragging the category title bar
  • Collapse or hide any categories from the homepage – by clicking the expand (+), collapse (-) or the close (x) buttons on the right hand side of the title bar
  • Change the color of the title bars of the homepage categories
  • Add your own specific links under the ‘My Own Links’ homepage category

If you do not have an account, all such customization can’t be loaded if you log on to OkMalta.com from another computer, still if you have a registered account and login to OkMalta.com from another different computer, all such settings will be loaded.

This saves you time in having to set up your favorite homepage again from scratch every time you change computer. Whether you go on your friend’s computer, travel abroad or get a new computer system, you will always have your own OkMalta.com